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Micah Joseph

Professional Cyclist and Coach


About Micah

Micah Joseph is a seasoned cyclist and athlete, having raced  over 20 years, 15 as a Professional!

Micah’s love of mountain biking began in high school. While his primary sports were track, and soccer, a friend convinced Micah to try mountain biking, as a way to cross-train during the off seasons. 

It only took one race before he was hooked!


After high-school, Micah attended Colorado State University, where he studied journalism and photography. He balanced attending classes, working full time, helping raise his three youngest siblings (Micah is the oldest of six!), and his love of racing. While in college, he competed on CSU’s nationally ranked cycling team. Micah graduated in three years, and immediately began chasing his dream of racing on the professional level. 


Years of hard work, and sacrifice, finally paid off. But getting to the professional level was only half the battle. In the early days as a Pro, Micah worked odd jobs, slept on friends’ couches, raced used parts . . . even lived in a tent for a short time . . . all so he could dedicate himself to climbing the professional ranks. 


In his 20+ year cycling career, Micah has acquired countless professional podiums in XC, Enduro, and Ultra-Endurance events.  


Now, closer to forty-years-old than he’d like to admit, Micah balances racing with family time and  coaching. His cycling career is a testament to hard work. He credits his success to the fact that he was, and is, willing to work harder, and suffer more, than most other athletes. There are no easy paths to achieving big dreams. 


Micah’s value, as a coach, is not solely based on the time he’s spent racing bikes, but on the life he's lived while racing. Cyclists don’t exist in a racing bubble. While racing well may be your ultimate goal, there are many variables that affect that goal. Cyclists have careers, or go to school, or have families (occasionally all of those at once!). It’s easy for a coach to create a training program that works in a vacuum. It takes a coach with real life experience, to fully understand how daily stresses affect an athletes ability to perform.


Coaching Philosophy

"My coaching philosophy is a little different than some coaches'. It's been fine tuned by years of racing on the professional circuit, first as a young athlete, and now as a mature athlete with a family and added responsibilities.


It's very easy to treat an athlete as a data source, or a sum of performance metrics. If athletes responded linearly to training inputs, like a robot, coaching would be simple. We don't live, train, or race in a vacuum. An experienced coach can help an athlete balance the demands of life, and training. 

I understand being young, ambitious, and having huge goals. I know what it’s like to have people doubt your ability. I know the sacrifice it takes to achieve goals . . ..  I also understand the other side, the side of the mature athlete, the balance necessary to be a great athlete. I understand balancing training with work, family, and life.  I stress balance to my athletes. It has taken me a long time to learn this, and I feel it’s on of the most important lessons I can pass on to other athletes. 


Sharing your goal, with a coach, is a serious act of trust. I don’t take that responsibility lightly." 


Micah Joseph  



Helping athletes achieve top physical condition is one of my highest priorities.  I use my personal experience, as well as the latest scientific data and training methods, to ensure my athletes are on form. I base my training programs on periodization blocks, and use heart rate, power, and other measurable metrics to fine tune an athletes's performance.

Nutrition plays a critical role in performance, and recovery. Athletes receive guidance in daily, and competition-based nutrition planning.


Mental preparedness, and strength, are an often-overlooked element when preparing an athlete. The best fitness in the world won't help a mentally exhausted athlete. Life, in general, can be exhausting. Kids get sick. Relatives visit. Bad weather cancels a training ride. Life happens. The physical demands placed on an athlete can add another layer of stress.  

My job, as a coach, is to help identify mental fatigue and adjust the workload accordingly. 

Balance in Performance and Life.

Let's be honest. As athletes, we put a lot of importance on our sport, our performance, our results . . . .  I completely understand. I love racing! I love wining!

Over the course of my 20+ year career, I've discovered an interesting phenomena. Most of the "best cyclists", the ones people aspire to emulate, live the most "balanced" lives!  (There are, of course, exceptions.) Without getting fruity, or overly spiritual, balance is something we should seek. Athletes, especially  highly-driven ones, need to constantly evaluate our priorities. Very few of us will be remembered as "great cyclists". Our legacy will more likely be one of father, mother, son, daughter . . . friend. 



  • 20 + Year Cycling Career

  • 15 Years as a Professional

  • Experience Racing Mountain, Road, and Cyclocross

  • UCI / USAC Ranked 

  • Countless Professional Podiums and Series Wins

  • Cross Country, Enduro, and Ultra Endurance 

  • Strong Nutritional Background

  • Extensive Experience in Equipment Selection and Setup

  • Sponsorship Acquisition and Retention 

  • Public Relations/Communication with Media and Event Personnel 

  • Excellent Communication between Coach and Athlete.

  • Above all, I want my athletes to be successful, both on and off the racecourse.



  • Cancer Survivor

  • B.A. Colorado State University

  • CSU Agriculture Research Facility Farm Foreman

  • Retail Manager

  • Elementary Education, Special Education Teacher  

  • Entrepreneur: MB Properties. Real Estate Investment. 5020concrete. East Texas Life Properties. 

  • Professional Contractor

  • Artist: Photography, Woodwork, Metal fabrication, Concrete countertops, Custom furniture.

  • 10+ Years Residential Investment Flips. Countless Remodels

  • Family Man. Successfully balancing Work, Family, and Racing.


My Amazing Sponsors

I have had the great privilege of racing for some of the best people and companies, both large and small.

My Job, as an athlete/representative, is to promote their business to the best of my ability.

To all of those who have helped me reach my goals, I sincerely thank you. 

Current Sponsors

Big Agnes Makes some of the best outdoor gear I've ever had the privilege of using. Their jackets and vests are my go-to gear when the temps get cool. My Farnsworth jacket is one of my prized possessions. Check it out in Pine Green. Awesome Color!

Honey Stinger Makes delicious, honey-based energy foods and gels, recovery products, and hydration drinks. Their products are easy to eat, great on the stomach, and endorsed by millions of bees! Try their Waffles. You'll thank me later.

Smith Optics I've been using Smith glasses long before they were a sponsor. My favorite? That would have to be the Attack.  I love the coverage, protection and the way they fit with a helmet. Perfection. 

Elite Bicycles  The best bike shop in East Texas.  Sport and his guys have been my Texas pit crew for over 10 years. When you need bikes, parts, or service, visit Elite Bicycles. 

Soft Topper  Full disclosure; Soft Topper does not give me anything . . . and I still promote their products! They are that good!  I've been keeping my bikes and equipment clean and dry for 10+ years with one of their truck bed toppers! I'm hoping to try one of their new racks soon. 

Spot Bikes  Com'on Spot, Daddy needs a new mountain bike!  I loving my belt-drive Rallye cyclocross bike. (Nothing like zero maintenance and 2 minute cleanups after muddy races!)  Now it's time for a matching whip for the trails.  How about a Mayhem or Ryve ?! 


Contact Micah

"How can I help you reach your goals?"

If you're ready to take your performance to the next level, let's talk.  Whether your goal is to get in better shape, prepare for a first race, a "bucket list" race (like Leadville 100), complete a multi-day stage race (Like Breck Epic), or to win a championship, I can provide a customized roadmap to reach that goal. 

Thanks! I'll get back to you very soon!

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